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Humboldt State's student-athletes have long been a source of pride for the campus and community. They deserve the full support of the public and Humboldt State's administration, operating under the guidelines, policies and laws of the NCAA, CCAA, and CSU. Full, honest public disclosure of adherence to those rules is imperative, and this website is intended to provide the public with information that can help individuals evaluate that adherence. Website users are encouraged to base their determination of the department's transparency and ethics based on factual information.


In response to multiple inquiries regarding accountability of fundraising, student fees, and other expenditures managed by the HSU Athletics Department and other campus administrators, this page is being created to provide access to past public records of expenditures, including credit card statements, travel claims, and student fees utilization. More recent records will be included as they are acquired through the Freedom of Information Act. Other public information, including personnel salary history and budget allocations, will also eventually be available. Check back frequently for updates.

*Updated 4/29/16 with documents*

On April 29, 2016, a story ran in the Times-Standard newspaper regarding the status of the domain. Statements made by HSU Athletics spokespersons were innacurate, contrary to the account provided on this page. Please see this linked email corespondence between the parties' legal offices as confirmation. The documents support that, after several delays on the part of the university counsel, the private party agreed to allow 30 days for payment in exchange for immediate transfer of the domain name IF the university would sign an agreement to that arrangement. They were given seven days to simply sign the agreement. 

​​​ is a domain name that has been privately held since its registration in 2001. It was purchased at that time by a private party in order to assure its availability when Humboldt State administrators had indicated that an official athletics website was a low priority. It continued under private ownership while hosting information for Lumberjack athletes, families, alumni and fans. HSU Athletics was offered ownership of the domain name for a minimal reimbursement cost of past fees, but showed no interest. In the fall of 2015, attorneys for HSU and the CSU Trustees indicated during court proceedings that they were not interested in owning the domain name and would instead create another for the athletics website. During that time, the private owner continued at his own expense to allow the domain to point to web content managed by athletics while awaiting confirmation of the new domain name, as previously indicated. In February, 2016, the university and CSU attorneys expressed interest in obtaining the domain in exchange for the reimbursement fees. A contract was drawn up and signed by the private party, but was not signed by the purchasing party within the stipulated 10-day period. Other attempts to certify the simple contractual agreement were delayed by the purchasing party, whose attorney finally indicated that it would take at least 30 days to process payment of the agreed upon price. The private owner agreed, but requested a revised contract, signed by the intended purchasers, assuring that they would indeed make payment at that time. The private owner stipulated that the signed contract would be made available within seven days. The deadline passed without the signed contract returned. The purchaser's attorney was contacted with a courtesey reminder, but responded that he and university counsel were too busy that day, and that if "If your client wants to walk away from the money that is his decision." It was then redirected to a static page.